About us

Ye Olde Classic Bookshop specialises in graphic and easy-to-read novels for schools, language centres, libraries and also for parents who might have some reluctant readers in the household.

Founder and manager of Ye Olde Classic Bookshop, Marc Lensly, has a degree in English Literature and is also a qualified TEFL teacher, in addition to being an avid reader, especially of the classics. After teaching and doing language and drama workshops at various schools and language centres for more than 20 years, he has noticed how the attention that is being paid to English literature in many educational institutions, even though English as a 2nd or 3rd language, has diminished over the years, he has decided to do some market research in this regard.

Much to his, most pleasant, surprise, he found out that a lot of educators are still very keen on literature in schools, but it is not always that easy for them to acquire the correct (reading) books for the various levels of comprehension and ability of the pupils and students who are in their classes.

Some more research was done and Ye Olde Classic Bookshop was subsequently established. The online bookshop offers books to all educational institutions and libraries, and members of the public who are interested, that will fulfil their educational needs.

Ye Olde Classic Bookshop only conducts business with carefully selected publishers that also have the necessary expertise and experience in the field of literary education.

Enjoy browsing our books!