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YE OLDE CLASSIC BOOKSHOP caters for educators in various institutions who teach English, as well as for parents who would like their children or charges to (learn to) read English better. We believe in the power of the letter  and in the power of enhancing one's life by reading.

YE OLDE CLASSIC BOOKSHOP specialises in the Classics, i.e. authors of old, like Dickens, Austen, Brönte, etc., as well as in the works of The Bard, Shakespeare

YE OLDE CLASSIC BOOKSHOP offers two types of books, namely Graphic Novels (similar to comics, but on a more higher and educational level) and Express Novels (easy-to-read in simple, everyday English).

YE OLDE CLASSIC BOOKSHOP has an online shop where you can do your purchases.


The webshop is split up into different sections. If you click on 'Books', there is a dropdown menu of the different versions and formats we have, for example, Express Classics, Graphic Dickens, etc. You can purchase the books from these pages, or go to the Bookshop link that has all of our books on one page.

ATTENTION EDUCATORS & LIBRARIES: If you would like to purchase books or study packs for your educational institution in bulk (10 books or more), please do not order from the webshop.

Contact us via e-mail or the contact form and we will send you an order form digitally.

We offer a discount to educational institutions and libraries when you order in bulk. 


You will first also receive a pro-forma invoice from us before the order is finalised.

OTHER TITLES: If an educator is looking for a specific author or book that does not fall under the Classics or that is not in our webshop, do not hesitate to contact us. We can also cater for other titles that are not currently listed. Though we primarily offer titles of the Classics, we will always endeavour to assist you with any reading and educational needs. 

We never tire of the friendships we form with books.

Charles Dickens